Cookie Policy

Welcome to Connecticut Captives, where transparency and openness are paramount. In this detailed overview, we

Cookie Policy

Welcome to Connecticut Captives, where transparency and openness are paramount. In this detailed overview, we aim to provide clarity about our cookie policy, demonstrating our commitment to handling your data responsibly.

Understanding Cookies:

Cookies are small text files that websites place on your computer, smartphone, or other devices during your visits. These files are unique to your account or browser and are utilized by website owners to offer enhanced features and functionality. There are two primary types of cookies:

  1. Session Cookies: These cookies only persist while your browser is open and are automatically deleted when you close it.
  2. Persistent Cookies: These cookies remain on your device for a predetermined period or until you or your browser removes them. They activate each time you revisit the website that initially created the specific cookie.

Control and Management of Cookies:

It’s important to note that choosing to delete or disable cookies may result in the loss of certain functionalities or settings. Most browsers automatically accept cookies but also provide settings that allow you to control which cookies websites can place on your device or opt for manual approval.

Typically, your browser offers options such as viewing the stored cookies, deleting them individually, blocking third-party cookies, or selectively allowing cookies from specific sites. This ensures that you retain full control over your browsing experience and privacy preferences.

Connecticut Captives’ Cookie Usage:

At Connecticut Captives, we employ various cookies for diverse purposes, all geared towards enhancing your online experience. Our use of cookies spans from storing specific actions on the site – like closing a message dialog that you prefer not to see again – to retaining your logged-in status. This ensures that you enjoy instant access to your account and can take full advantage of all features available to registered users.

We value your privacy and want to reassure you that the information collected through cookies is used responsibly and solely for the purpose of improving our services. These cookies help us tailor our offerings to your preferences, making your interactions with Connecticut Captives seamless and personalized.


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