Our Expert Team

Leadership Excellence at Connecticut Captives: A Glimpse into Our Visionaries At Connecticut Captives, our leadership

Our Expert Team

Leadership Excellence at Connecticut Captives: A Glimpse into Our Visionaries

At Connecticut Captives, our leadership team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience not only in their respective fields but also in the dynamic realm of real estate investing. Get to know the individuals steering the ship and driving our commitment to excellence.

Martin Vieira – CEO & President

As the CEO and President of www.conncaptives.org, Martin Vieira brings a wealth of experience to the helm. Martin is not just a dedicated leader but an active real estate investor and a licensed agent based in Fargo, ND. His journey with Connecticut Captives began as a fervent fan and community member, eventually leading him to join the organization as an early employee and Director of Operations in 2015. Martin’s passion for real estate investing and his profound understanding of personal finance propelled him to the role of President and CEO in 2019, where he continues to drive the organization forward.

Arthur Cox – CFO

In the role of Chief Financial Officer, Arthur Cox serves as a linchpin in Connecticut Captives’ financial strategy. With over 15 years of experience in finance, strategy, and operations, Arthur has been a driving force behind value creation. Before his tenure with Connecticut Captives, Arthur spearheaded multiple strategic initiatives and played a pivotal role in category expansion opportunities. His journey through various positions in corporate finance, private equity, and investment banking enriches his multifaceted approach. Outside the corporate realm, Arthur manages a small portfolio of investment properties and cherishes moments with his wife and four children.

John Rey – CTO

John Rey, our Chief Technology Officer, is instrumental in overcoming challenges that may impede a SaaS company’s ability to consistently deliver a high-quality product. John’s expertise lies at the intersection of product definition, processes, and architecture. His unique skill set, blending technical prowess, product management acumen, and adept people management, allows for a comprehensive understanding of the product lifecycle. Boasting extensive industry experience, John brings a real-world perspective to the complexities of aiding SaaS organizations in effectively shipping the right product at the right time—spanning all phases of company growth, from hypergrowth to profitability.

In essence, the leadership team at Connecticut Captives isn’t just composed of accomplished professionals; they are enthusiasts and experts in the intricate world of real estate investment. Their collective dedication ensures that Connecticut Captives remains at the forefront of innovation, delivering valuable insights and a seamless experience for our community. As we continue to evolve, our leaders exemplify a commitment to excellence that permeates every facet of our organization.


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