Terms and Conditions

Connecticut Captives Copyright and Community Guidelines Welcome to Connecticut Captives, where we strive to create

Terms and Conditions

Connecticut Captives Copyright and Community Guidelines

Welcome to Connecticut Captives, where we strive to create a respectful and engaging community. Below, we outline our copyright policy and community guidelines to ensure a positive experience for all users.

Copyright Statement:

Connecticut Captives holds the copyright to all original content, including but not limited to articles, interviews, news pieces, presentations, and mini-books appearing on our platform. We do not authorize any third party to repost our content in its entirety. However, we encourage the posting of brief summaries with a link back to the Connecticut Captives landing page.

Should any author request the removal of their article, we will promptly honor such requests. As the holder of distribution rights, Connecticut Captives is empowered to take action on behalf of copyright owners to address infringements by sites reproducing our content without permission.

Content Moderation:

To maintain the integrity of our community, we reserve the right to remove comments and suspend profiles on www.conncaptives.org that fall under the following categories:

    • Advertise a product
    • Are promotional
    • Are off-topic
    • Are abusive or disruptive
    • Are offensive
    • Contain personal details
    • Contain spam
    • Contain unsuitable links
    • Are not in English
    • Contain potentially defamatory statements
    • Risk breaching copyright law
    • Risk breaking US and other relevant laws
    • Risk contempt of court
  2. Profiles:
    • Advertise products/services/companies
    • Contain potentially defamatory statements
    • Are offensive
    • Contain personal details such as phone numbers
    • Contain unsuitable links
    • Contain unsuitable pictures (avatars, infographics, logos, promotional images)
  3. User Profile Guidelines:
    • Must include a person’s real name, not a nickname or company name
    • Bio and professional title should represent an individual, not a company or service description
    • Links should lead to personal blogs, profiles, or social/professional media pages
    • Photographs should be of the person (from the chest up), excluding others. No sketches, cartoons, avatars, logos, or promotional images.
  4. Advertising Policy:
    • We do not currently offer profile pages for companies.

Enforcement and Accountability:

We reserve the right to block or remove accounts that violate our guidelines. Comments solely created for back-link building, rather than contributing to meaningful discussions, will be deleted, and accounts may be suspended.

Harassment-Free Community:

Connecticut Captives is committed to providing a harassment-free environment for all readers. We do not tolerate harassment based on gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. Offensive or harassing communication is strictly prohibited.

Reporting Violations:

If you encounter a violation, please inform us at [email protected], and our team will address the situation promptly.

Thank you for being a part of the Connecticut Captives community. Together, we create an inclusive and respectful space for shared knowledge and insights.


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